NeedleDock – the safe, cost-effective solution to needle disposal

Healthcare professionals must by law follow specific guidelines for the safe disposal of used needles and current practice includes the use of sharps bins. The lack of a decline in the number of reported sharps injuries over time shows that this approach is ineffective.

NeedleDock is a dedicated safe needle disposal system, which has been developed in conjunction with healthcare workers. The system addresses the 87% of sharps injuries caused by needles and provides greater levels of safety to workers through a better disposal method.

As the cause of a needle stick injury is the needle and not the syringe, removing the needle at the source not only eliminates risk but it also optimises container space.  Alongside improved space utilisation and reduced incineration costs from less clinical waste, employers will need fewer NeedleDock systems compared to similar sized sharps bins. Costs may be further reduced by the prevention of expensive litigation claims and lost opportunity costs.

Why NeedleDock?

NeedleDock is a dedicated safe needle disposal system that has been designed to: